Valerian is a band from Surabaya – Indonesia Formed in 2004 due to the similarities like of bands member with metal music. Initially Valerian Still Performed Cover Songs like : Iron Maiden, Helloween, Judas Priest, Stratovarious and Etc. However, As Time Goes By Actually in 2006 Valerian arise idea to create his own Song and finally finished in the beginning 2007 and called “FORSAKEN”. After Finished the first Song Valerian eager to make a debut album and finally released in December 6th 2009 .The EP’s album Called “Dawn Of New Hope” and Contains 5 Songs Including : “Arise”, “Forsaken”, “Bliss In Eternity”, “Ode For Torment”, “Wishes Of The Light Bearer”
With The Release of “Dawn Of New Hope” Valerian Hope can become fresheners in the indonesia metal music industry and also became the preliminary step to make Valerian First Full Album and which plan will be release this Year

Track List :
- Arise
- Forsaken
- Bliss In Eternity
- Ode for Torment
- Wishes Of The Light Bearer


# Ridwan - Voices
# Harman - Lead Guitar
# Dimas - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
# Edho - Bass
# Daniel - Keys
# Verrel - Drums

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