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JAGAL ( Surabaya Brutal Death Metal )

This band was founded on 2005, where Endro Wibowo (Guitars), Rosid (Bass), Deddy Demon (Drums), and Cholis (Guitars 2), decided to leave FEAR INSIDE and formed the band with the name of JAGAL, with Bodhas (DEVADATA) as vocals (Additional). On October 2006, they succeeded in recording 8 songs and release their debut album "Monster of Insanity" which was released by No Label Records in February 2007
. Where is Steven (Brutal Torture) into the vacuum vocals at that time. The one that made them happy with the album's first release, in March 2007 to find their vocals remain, he is Nando Vocalunatic (Ex-BOIKOT). Mid-January 2008, Rosid resign from the bass position. The end of March 2008 they manage to find a bass player, Alan (Ex-PULVERIZER).

On July 31 2008 they recorded 2 new songs materials in Primitive Studio. Two songs be entitled "Kronik Manipulasi" and "Edukasi Sesat". And his plan 2 songs will be made one of EP that in published by Henceforth Records. And this EP will be released in September 2008.

On 6 March 2009, Alan resign from the bass position. And this is a heavy wallop to them. And after about two sunday do they audition to fill the vacancy in the bass position, on March 22 2009 they succeeded to find the bass that is Dhidit Ratt (Ex-WAFAT). With the change, they hope they can continue with the desire for this year to create an 2nd album.

After a long delay the process of recording, on 18 May 2009 they agreed to record all new material. Recording is done at Musical Studio.

End of the month november 2011, Nando Vocalunatic resigned.
Hard for us to release him, but we respect his decision to continue their education and we always support the best way for him to determine his way of life .... We miss you Brotha!
in early 2012, we find a replacement for Nando vocalunatic, he is Fauzan Dzulfiqar (ex - DEAD criminal) which will occupy space on the position of lead singer and we will forward the material is left for the manufacture of our new album.
We will always provide the best for the entire metal maniac.
We're still a life and we'll burn your soul !!!

Fauzan Dzulfiqar - Vocals
Endro Wibowo - Guitars
Dhidit Ratt - Bass
Deddy Demon - Drums